11. Forest food chain and photosynthesis

Presenters: Inese Liepina, Linda Zeibote, Krisjanis Liepins, NGO "Children‘s Environmental School"

Description: Children‘s Environmental School (CES) is a non-governmental organisation for environment and education. CES builds school support network by organising national and international environmental education projects, provides in-service training for teachers, prepares and publishes environmental education materials in close cooperation with practicing teachers, entrepreneurs and experts, organizes environmental camps and expeditions for students.

In cooperation with "Latvia's State Forests" and "Latvijas Finieris" the learning material on Bioeconomics in schools was prepared with various education activities in the forest. Activities provide insight on how Solar energy is used in the forest and what could humans learn from this process. Based on lessons from nature students green business ideas can be developped. During our activiy we invited you to research basis of the bioeconomics and forest food chain - photosynthesis!