1. Navigate Latvia through forest

Presenter: Anda Sproģe-Vāvere (Communication specialist, JSC "Latvia's State Forests" (LVM))

Description: The LVM GEO Platform is among the largest and most versatile GIT products offered to customers in the market. The Platform provides users with numerous ways to view, process and analyse geospatial information. Its single unified database can be accessed via desktop, browser-based and mobile applications.

Maps and the data they represent can be used during the learning process as well. 

We  prepared six maps of Latvia but each one of them is different – some show the highest points, some show the forest cover, but others show the administrative division. Your task was to find and mark, for example, the largest rivers and lakes, the biggest cities, the highest peak and the capital city of Riga on the map that has been created from various materials found in nature.