2. Dwarfs’ forest lessons

Presenter: Kristaps Didže (LVM Nature Park in Tervete, Latvia)

Description: LVM Nature Park in Tervete is the friendliest forest for children and those who see the world through the eyes of a child, rejoicing at the interplay of nature and fairytales. Thus the LVM Nature Park in Tervete has become an environmental education centre for children by providing learning excursions and lessons, camps and creative workshops. The park encourages combining active recreation with a possibility to learn wisdoms of forest. It invites schoolchildren to refresh the existing and gain new knowledge in the framework of different forest education programmes.

Environmental education specialists of LVM Nature Park in Tervete invited the participants of Market of activities to fulfil some of the tasks directed by local Dwarfs, for example, prepare the firewood for the winter. But there was a catch – precisely 1 kg of firewood should have be obtained. And more challenges were to come!