7. Through nature to integration

Presenter: Gordana Banovic (Nonprofit organision "Impulse", Croatia)     

Description: The programme through nature to integration encourages the development of skills or the adoption of new ones. As the current trend in children is less represented, this program offers meaningful outdoor activities. The programme is also intended for children with developmental difficulties. The programme consists of four works:

  1. Conditional part
  2. Sensomotor part
  3. Sailing
  4. Individual work

Within each of these works are tasks that adapt to the group that solves them.

For example, the conditional part consists of uneven ground-flooring of rocks, mud, moors, downhill, tree trunks. The sensomotoric part consists of stimulating the sensors through rotation, swinging, pushing the hard objects, e.g. wood, points. Horse riding can be practiced on a round drum for participants to feel the movement. Individual work is at the end and is tailored to the needs of the user.

Participants of the conference got the experience that children get through the educational path, and will understand why it is important to start the whole body before the work is done.

Materials needed:

  • bark of wood
  • stones
  • water
  • coarse paper
  • swing
  • points
  • three and four meter long ropes
  • barrels
  • a forest which has an uphill and a downhill