8. Sensual perception in forest education

Presenters: Dana Chlpošová, Andrea Melcerová and Marián Taraba (National Forest Centre in Zvolen, Slovakia)

Description: The first step in building a relationship of human to nature is to focus attention human to perception. Perception is a psychic process of reflection of objective reality in the form of perceptions. Sensual perception is a way of gaining new knowledge, forming behavior towards oneself and others, and building skills.

The goal of the activity was to:

  1. engage sensory perception and create a bridge between forest, learning about forest and relationships of human to forest,
  2. point to a thorough preparation from the side of facilitator that fulfil to the target group's educational target.
  3. link process phases - "preparation - method - understanding – to learn"

The activity reflects the methodology of forest pedagogy: HEAD – HEART – HANDS. Forest is a target, a subject, a didactic tool and a space for learning.

Activity participants learned a simple activity, non-effortful activity on tools, applicable for different target groups that are involved in the transfer of information on the forest example - through sensual perception.

Format: The activity took place in the outdoor. No special place needed, just plain forest. The duration was about 15 minutes. Tools: prepared images, felt pens, papers, natural materials. The activity supported teamwork, working in three groups. Maximum number of participants – 15.