26 • 10 • 2022

LVM Nurseries Receive the ISO Quality Management Certificate



This autumn, the new Mežvidi Nursery in Jaunkalsnava, as well as the Pope, Valmiera, Smiltene and Pļaviņas nurseries, received the ISO 9001 2015 Quality Management Certificate for the production and sale of forest seedlings.

Since 2010, the certificate has been maintained for Mazsili, Strenči and Podiņi nurseries, which means that eight LVM tree nurseries meet the requirements of the ISO 9001 2015 Quality Management Certificate.

“This certificate confirms that the company has implemented the principles of quality control and strictly adheres to them. This applies both to the seedlings we produce and sell, to the services and raw materials we purchase, and, of course, to all employees. The certificate serves as a confirmation of quality, which is especially appreciated by our foreign customers, who have been familiar with this certificate for a longer time than our Latvian customers and trust it very much. Maintaining the certificate means both duties and responsibilities for us, it means that we need to pay special attention to the organization of our work environment and operational processes,” says Laima Zvejniece, Executive Director for Production at LVM Sēklas und stādi.

LVM Sēklas und stādi also organizes external monitoring audits annually, and re-certification audits every three years. Currently, the ISO 9001 2015 Quality Management Certificate is valid until 2025.

LVM grows forest and decorative planting material in a total of ten tree nurseries. In 2022, LVM plans to sell 59 million high-value forest seedlings. It is expected to continue the export of seedlings in November and December when customers take the seedlings to their freezers for storage for the first spring planting.