22 • 09 • 2022

JSC “Latvia’s State Forests” – Latvia's Greenest and most Humane Brand of 2022



This year's most loved, greenest, and most humane brands of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia have been selected in the Baltic Brand Forum 2022. Summing up the public opinion, also this year, JSC “Latvia's State Forests” (LVM) received the highest rating in two categories: the greenest brand and the most humane brand.

LVM has managed to convincingly maintain its leading position as the greenest brand in Latvia, where people value the brand's “greenliness” or environmental friendliness. The second place in the list of the greenest brands in Latvia was awarded to Tesla, followed by the pharmaceutical brand Silvanols, which ranked third. Tesla has been recognized as the greenest brand in both Lithuania and Estonia. In the category of the greenest brands in the Baltics, the electric car manufacturer Tesla won the laurels, leaving behind gas stations Neste and the clothing brand H&M in second and third place respectively.

Latvia’s State Forests was the winner in the category of the most humane brands, followed by the Road Traffic Safety Directorate in the second place and the medicine manufacturer Grindex ranking third. TV3 was recognized as the most humane brand in the Baltics, leaving the portal Delfi in second place, and Swedbank in third place.

“The first place in the categories of the greenest and most humane brand is an important achievement for Latvia’s State Forests; this result is based on the daily work of every employee of the company in forests, tree nurseries, recreation areas and our customer centres throughout Latvia. I would like to thank my colleagues for their work, and people of Latvia for their trust and appreciation of our work,” says Tomas Kotovičs, Head of LVM Communication Unit. 



TV3 is the most loved media brand both in the Baltics and in Lithuania. The TV channel LTV1 occupies the first place in the Latvian top, leaving behind it TV3 in second place, and Delfi ranking third.

The most loved brands in Latvia are determined for the 18th time, and on the Baltic scale – for the 11th time. The results are determined by the Baltic residents, based on the Brand Capital lifestyle study.