2. What to do BEFORE and AFTER a forest education programme? Best practices collection

Presenter: Jan Froněk (Learning About Forests national coordinator, Czech Republic) in collaboration with Eliška Trnková (forest educator, Forest Management Institute Czechia, Czech Republic) and Štěpánka Jouzová (forest educator, Forest Management Institute Czechia, Czech Republic)

Description: Usually most of our attention goes to the learning event itself, however, all research reveals that with proper preparation and follow-up, we can make the children´s learning connections much stronger. Therefore our guiding question for this workshop was:

What exactly can Children, Teachers and Forests Educators do before and after a forest education programme (FEP) to maximize children's learning?

Format: Outdoors. We used all participants' experience and playful imagination to discuss and collect best practices in programme design. Step by step dove into understanding the different roles of educators and their possible responsibilities while still having the children´s learning in mind.