4. Design oriented pedagogy

Presenter: Sirpa Kärkkäinen (Finnish Forest Association, Finland)

Description: In this workshop participants learned by doing the basic idea of Design oriented learning (DOP). Design oriented pedagogy (also known as Case Forest Pedagogy) is a motivating and inspiring learning-method, which lays focus on children’s own questions. It encourages teachers to open the class-room door and explore the world outside. This method can be used in phenomenon based learning and exploratory learning. 

After this workshop participants were able to go further by themselves with the method and try it with pupils.

This workshop was carried out together with Evija Majore, who is a Latvian teacher.

Format: Working in groups inside and outside collecting driving questions and answers. We went through the DOP-method by doing and discussions. Participants explored the experience of the method. In before hand participants got the hand book of DOP so that they could orientate to the method.