9. Using Design Thinking to develop high quality learning media

Presenter: Rolf Jucker (SILVIVA, Switzerland)

Description: When designing learning media, forest pedagogues are often caught up in preconcieved ideas. They assume to know exactly what they want to do, how to do it, and why. But if we take impact and quality into account and also the needs of the target group, approaches which don’t take these answers for granted are far more useful. In this workshop, we got familiar with the Design Thinking method and how it can be applied to anything from developing learning media to improving small or big projects. Participants reflected on their own on-going projects and learned how to improve them with the tools presented. At the end of the workshop participants were able to use Design Thinking in their own working contexts. Improving quality and impact of Forest Pedagogy is an ongoing concern, so the workshop should provide another tool how to handle the challenge in an effective and fun way.

Format: Inside, presentation of Design Thinking tool, individual reflection on ongoing projects of participants, sharing results in small groups, reflection on applicability and usefulness of tool in large group.