6. Path of ponder

Presenter: Anna Lena Albertsen (project manager at the Forestry Extension Institute, Norway)       

Description: The activity consists of a “nature trail”, where the participants will solve problems presented on posters. However, rather than a nature trail, we call it a “path of ponder”. The intention is not to give facts and definite answers, but rather to invite the participant (the pupil) to figure things out for themselves. As an example, instead og giving them the tools and instructions how to measure a tree, we ask them: How can we measure this tree? Another example is to present different solutions to a problem, and let the pupils discuss which solution they believe is the correct one. Hopefully, such tasks will prepare the children for the future, where skills like critical thinking and reaching a decision based on your knowledge, are necessary.

When building bridges between forest and schools, we believe it’s a good idea to invite to discussions and reflections, rather than only presenting definite answers.