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You are welcome to submit proposals for a) Workshops and b) Market of activies. The deadline for proposals is March 1st, 2019. Any questions regarding proposals should be sent to Renāte Ribaka, JSC Latvia's State Forests, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A) Workshops will be arranged in Riga on July 2nd, when teachers from Latvia will join the workshops together with the congress participants to create new methods and approaches to forest pedagogy.

General requirements for the workshop:

  • It’s recommended that the workshop contributes to the motto of the congress “DESIGNING BRIDGES BETWEEN FOREST AND SCHOOLS”;
  • It shows innovative best practices and discusses them, trying to develop them further;
  • It gives impulses on how Forest Pedagogy can be developed, for example by reaching new target-groups or offering new methods;
  • It would be very appreciated if the workshop could be moderated by a teacher-forester tandem;
  • It fulfills the objectives of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and should be in accordance with the competences of ESD;
  • It lasts for 2 hours;
  • It has a place for 20-25 participants;
  • The outcome/result/summary of the workshop should be exhibited afterwards to all the participants in the form of poster/story board/collage.

 Guidelines for writing Workshop proposal 

 Online form to submit workshop proposal               

B) Market of Activities will be arranged in Tērvete July 3rd and the congress participants will take part in it. The presentation of the activity can take place in a forest nearby.

General requirements for the activity:

  • It’s recommended that the activity contributes to the motto of the congress “DESIGNING BRIDGES BETWEEN FOREST AND SCHOOLS”;
  • Duration: The activity cannot be longer than 20 minutes - the participants must be able to complete the activity in no more than 20 minutes. They will move on to the next activity after that;
  • The activity should have place for 10-20 persons;
  • Please note when planning the time schedule that translation will take some time.

 Guidelines for writing Activity proposal 

 Online form to submit Activity proposal