11 • 04 • 2019

Students Receive Scholarships for the Best Video Messages Created for LVM Bio-economy School


For the third year in a row, school students in Latvia have been actively participating in the scholarship competition “LVM Bio-economy School”, organised by JSC “Latvia’s State Forests” (LVM) in cooperation with the association “Zaļās mājas”, JSC “Latvijas Finieris”, LLC “Rīgas meži” and the National Centre for Education. In the three rounds of the competition, young people discover, explore and talk about the innovative field of bio-economy, raising their awareness of the growing role of forest resources in addressing environmental problems. This year’s competition has come to an end - congratulations to the scholarship recipients!

By expanding their knowledge and understanding of sustainable forest management, in the third round of the competition, the students were asked to create a video message for the UN International Day of Forests, which was also a decisive factor in the award of scholarships.

The 1st PLACE and JSC “Latvia’s State Forests” scholarship of 700 euros were granted to Ieva Siksaliete, Daugavpils State Gymnasium.


The 2nd PLACE and JSC “Latvia’s State Forests” scholarship of 500 euros were granted to Jānis Platacis, Eastern Latvia Technology High School.



The 3rd PLACE and JSC “Latvia’s State Forests” scholarship of 300 euros were granted to Ralfs Grickevičs, Jelgava Spīdola State Gymnasium.



THE GRAND RECOGNITION and LLC “Rīgas meži” scholarship of 500 euros were granted to Krista Elīza Rugāja, Riga State Gymnasium No. 3



RECOGNITION and JSC “Latvijas Finieris” scholarship of 250 euros were granted to Audris Mellups and Ralfs Roberts Zitāns, Jelgava Spīdola State Gymnasium.



RECOGNITION and association “Zaļās mājas” scholarship of 250 euros were granted to Paula Reine, Jelgava Spīdola State Gymnasium.


All video messages of the finals of the contest can be viewed on the Facebook page “Izzini mežu, Latvija” (Learning about Forest, Latvia) video section here

The scholarships were awarded to the authors of the best video messages, whose works earned the highest score; the score consisted of a jury rating (75% of the total score) and a rating of Facebook users (25% of the total score). The total scholarship fund - 2500 euros.

Almost 100 students took part in the competition this year. The initial task of the students was to create an attractive and topical poster on the theme proposed by the jury “Forest for Latvia. The Next 100”. The authors of the best works, who not only successfully presented the essence of bio-economy in their work, but also linked it to their everyday life, were invited to participate in the second round of the competition. During the exploratory expedition together with LVM experts, the participants found answers to the questions they were interested in and got acquainted with sustainable forest management in nature. The inspiration and new knowledge gained during the expedition were useful for the participants in the third round of the competition, where they had to make one-minute-long video messages about bio-economy, its role in everyday life and in the future.

For more information please visit www.lvm.lv/bioekonomika