11 • 04 • 2019

LLVM Announces a Tender for Mechanized Energy Wood Production

ae d 180811

In order to increase the production of energy wood by ensuring the availability of additional wood chips in the timber market, JSC “Latvia’s State Forests” (LVM) announces a tender “Provision of Mechanized Energy Wood Production Services in 2019-2024”.

LVM offers open service contracts for a period of 5 years. Proposals should be submitted in the EIS before 15.04.2019; 14.00.

ae d 180911

During the term of the contracts, it is planned to prepare and deliver to a timber yard 900 000 bulk m3 of energy wood and 700 000 m3 of timber.

For the execution of the work, nine sets of equipment are required: one set of equipment means one technical unit for the preparation of wood products and at least one technical unit for the delivery of wood products.

The production of energy wood and timber will be carried out by performing thin-cut thinning, making drainage ditch routes, road tracks, removing overgrowth from agricultural land, as well as by cutting particularly dense undergrowth before renewal felling.