22 • 01 • 2018

Follow a Golden Eagle on LVM Web-cameras

printscreen erglis

Visit JSC "Latvia's State Forests" (LVM) website section "Kameras" (Cameras) to watch events taking place in a bog and eagle nests. Since the beginning of January, the cameras have been showing a golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) who regularly visits its nest, supplementing it with pine tree branches.

"Golden eagles are sedentary birds, and they stay in the vicinity of their nests all year round. There is still not enough sunlight, therefore the work of the cameras is occasionally interrupted, but the days are getting longer and the cameras will be restored soon," says Uģis Bergmanis, LVM Senior Environmental Expert.

The golden eagle is among the rarest species of birds of prey in Latvia, and up to ten couples of these birds nest here in Latvia. The number of representatives of this species is slowly increasing; they nest near large bogs - in old trees on bog islands and peninsulas. Their main feed is nesting birds - black grouses, curlews, ducks, as well as various mammals such as deer, fox, badger and raccoon babies and hares, martens.

Within the framework of LVM environmental education and research project "Birds and Animals in Marsh" everyone has an opportunity to watch on-line changes in nature and follow the bird and animal activity in one of the marshes in the north-eastern region of Latvia. To follow the events in the nest of  the golden eagles, visit the website http://www.lvm.lv/sabiedribai/web-kameras