30 • 10 • 2017

Mobile Application "LVM meža kartes" has Acquired a New Name - "LVM GEO Mobile"

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The mobile application “LVM meža kartes”  (LVM Forests Maps) developed by JSC “Latvia's State Forests”, which allows users to orient themselves under field conditions using GPS functionality, as well as receive work orders and associated geospatial information, has acquired a new name - “LVM GEO Mobile”.

The change of the name is related to the development of the application and its inclusion in LVM GEO collection of geospatial information technology products and services available to our customers. With the new version of the application, its range of online background maps has been supplemented significantly. Now the application not only includes LVM background map and satellite map, but also an orthophoto map, an orthophoto map in the infrared spectrum, as well as a terrain model. Currently the new version of the application is only available to Android OS users, but we are actively working on the latest version of iOS.

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LVM GEO Mobile application is available free of charge in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, for the time being under its old name “LVM meža kartes”.