22 • 09 • 2017

LVM Scholarship Holders Receive Certificates

LVM stipendiati

On Tuesday, 19 September, JSC "Latvia's State Forests" (LVM) Central Office hosted a meeting of LVM scholarship holders. In this meeting, future forestry professionals shared their impressions and experience and received certificates for the participation in training seminars organised by LVM.

For several years now, the young forestry specialists can apply for the LVM Scholarship Competition, which is organised to promote students' growth and education in the areas related to forest management. Scholarships will be granted to students of sectors such as environmental education and communication, forest ecology, forest management, use of wood, and information systems in forestry.

"The programme outlined an industrial approach to logging, which demonstrated how important it is to plan all activities in detail. The scientific approach to forestry is more efficient than the system where the owner is responsible for a plot of land and irresponsibly cuts it out," said Kristaps Ritvars Ronis, a construction programme student of Riga Technical University.

Ilze Kalniņa, a student of Riga Technical University: "The main benefit is the understanding of what exactly LVM does. Many of us have a false impression that we know everything about the company, but, for example, in the Nature Days, I learnt so much about bird protection, nature conservation and how responsibly the company addresses these issues. It is also wonderful that LVM is not a company that only pays scholarships to students, but does not hold any educational events. The workshops motivated me to strive to reach even more!"

The students of Ogre Technical School who are acquiring the profession of a forestry technician, a forest machine operator or a forest machine technician are also invited to take part in the scholarship competition. Ralfs Grīnvalds, a student of Ogre Technical School, mentions the acquired contacts as one of the main benefits. "It was great that we had an opportunity to shadow LVM employees. I chose to shadow the infrastructure staff of Zemgale Region - I am currently having in-service training there and I have also received a job offer," says Ralfs.

LVM scholarships are open to students of different fields who are studying or who are interested in any of the LVM scholarship areas. It is an opportunity to enhance students' motivation for developing their skills and abilities. Scholarships are not just cash benefits - it is an opportunity to get to know the industry as a whole, participating in the Forest Days, attending seminars and working in the nature - in the forest.

For more information on the LVM Scholarship Programme, please visit: http://www.lvm.lv/sabiedribai/skolam/stipendijas