04 • 09 • 2017

Employees of JSC "Latvia's State Forests" Take Part in a Donation Campaign

Otra elpa akcija 1

Joining forces for good works, employees of JSC "Latvia's State Forests" (LVM) participated in a donation campaign organised by the charity store “Otrā elpa” (The Second Breath) at the end of August.

From 21 to 25 August, all LVM employees were encouraged to participate in a charity campaign and donate useful things like clothes, footwear, toys and books. The response was great - not only the employees of Riga Customer Centre, but also colleagues from other regions of Latvia participated in the campaign.

Being asked about her decision to donate, Administrator Maija Jukša, said the following: "Donating is a wonderful opportunity - I can free up some space at home at the same time helping someone who needs these things more than I do. I believe that they will be handed over in the right hands!"

Otra elpa akcija 2

"We should donate and support people in need every single day. Charity does not wait until Christmas, it is alive every day, so I am taking part. The charity store "Otrā elpa" has been known as a movement for a long time already. I support this idea, and from time to time I donate things to people who will benefit more from them, at the same time supporting social projects. It only requires packing and bringing things to the store, and getting some sweets in return. I am proud of my employer who encourages its employees to donate and do a good job. I am very happy!” says Linda Sarkane, LVM Communication Project Manager.

The store "Otrā elpa" is a social entrepreneurship pioneer in Latvia, and has been working since 2009. The activity of the store is based on the interaction of three fundamental values: charity, environmental protection and social responsibility. The mission of the company is to be a society-selected mediator in the implementation of charity projects, including promoting understanding of social values, positive social changes and environmental protection. Read more about the charity store at www.otraelpa.lv.