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People are the most important aspect of any business because of the skills which they present.  The personnel management aims of the stock company “Latvian State Forests” is to set up a management system which ensures effective development of the potential of the staff and the use of that potential so as to achieve the desired operational results for LVM.


LVM hires people irrespective of race, colour, gender, age, religion, political views or any other views, national or social background or property status.


LVM works with government institutions, associations in the sector, professional education institutions and other collaboration partners so as to find employees with the necessary qualifications.

LVM admits that its successes depend on trustworthy, skilful and motivated personnel, people who are fully focused on the development of LVM.


In pursuit of these goals, LVM expects that all of its employees:

  • Dedicate their mental and physical abilities to the reaching of LVM goals, that they be ready to engage in productive and effective work, and that they have a positive attitude vis-à-vis that work;
  • Serve the interests of LVM without interruption, as opposed to their own interests or those of others, permitting no conflict of interest in their work;
  • Seek to expand their knowledge and to improve their skills.

The goal of LVM is to create a situation in which employees are motivated not just by their basic salary, subsidies and bonuses which have to do with the results of their work, but also by good working conditions, positive evaluations of accomplishments, management responsibilities vis-à-vis employees, opportunities for career development, a healthy and safe working environment, as well as positive relations among employees.


LVM provides employees with all of the information that is necessary in pursuing the agency’s goals, as well as individual information which is needed for each employee to do his or her specific job.


LVM recognises the fact that elements of its culture include specific standards with respect to work discipline, as well as etiquette in mutual relations – politeness, good attitudes, tact, sensitivity, simplicity, openness, honesty and clear mechanisms for dealing with any conflicts that may arise.


In pursuit of personnel management, LVM has specified the most important elements of organising its personnel:

  • Personnel planning in which the number of employees is determined as specifically as possible in the context of the work that must be done, the quality that is required and the place and time when it must take place – “the right person with the right skills holding the right post and doing the right job”;
  • Selecting personnel in an objective way;
  • Introducing personnel to new jobs, with LVM ensuring general and specific information, as needed;
  • Personnel development via education and raising of qualifications through a variety of programmes – academic education, internships, exchanges of experience, opportunities to gain international experience through participation in conferences, courses and seminars, etc.
Basic principles of job safety


It is LVM’s goal to ensure that the environment in which its employees work and the contractual relations which exist with co-operation partners are secure, as well as that employees enjoy protection in the case of work-related diseases or accidents.  Human life and health are priorities in labour relations at LVM.


All employees are individually responsible for taking the basic principles of LVM operations into account when it comes to safety.  Employees must also observe the laws and regulations which deal with job safety in Latvia, as well as the internal norms of LVM in this area.


LVM’s operations satisfy and exceed legal requirements with respect to the health of employees and the safety of their jobs.


LVM ensures:

  • Safe working circumstances for its employees;
  • Full observance of existing laws and regulations, internal norms and best practice in relation to job safety;
  • Full information for employees and their representatives when it comes to job safety and to related social, economic, organisational, technical, hygienic and medically preventive steps that are to be taken;
  • Resolution of disagreements and payment of compensation in accordance with the procedure that is set out in the relevant norms.

In the interest of identifying and reducing risk factors which are faced by LVM employees, LVM engages in full evaluate of such factors for each and every job.


Those employees who are subject to the influence of risk factors are provided with necessary safety equipment and other resources.


LVM employees have the right to organise trade organisations and to reach agreement with the employer about the introduction of a high level of job safety norms, as well as the provision of safe and harmless working conditions in all cases.

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